Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Day 15: How Best To Teach Young Learners

Teaching young learners is not without challenge. The majority of English teachers will have to teach young learners after completing a CELTA whether they wish to or not. It can be quite difficult to successfully teach young learners but here we look at 5 tips at how best to teach them. So, let's get started!
  1. Patience: This is the number one tip I can give everybody when they teach young learners. Sure young learners can be challenging but just be patient and things will fit into place.
  2. Personalise: You may have a coursebook or curriculum available for your young learner class but the best advice I can give is just personalise the lesson to suit the learners in the class.
  3. Humour Me: After observing so many teachers, humour does go a long way. This will relax learners, encourage interest and motivate them to participate in the lesson.
  4. Let Students Speak: I have observed newly certified teachers and they usually end up speaking more than their learners. Give students space to communicate or speak in English. It will develop their confidence.
  5. Project Work: Project work is a really good activity to get learners working together in a group to present something in English. If you are teaching a topic about food, then get the learners to make a presentation about food in their country. It doesn't need to be difficult and students will feel a sense of accomplishment after completing their project work.
So there we are. Five ideas for the young learner classroom. Hope that helps and don't forget to share this post and leave a question below.

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