Sunday, 21 August 2016

Day 5: Five Ways To Improve Your Board Work

Image Sourced from ELT Planning: 16 Ways To Improve Your Whiteboard
One tool which is often overlooked in the English language classroom is the whiteboard. It has been the one tool which has remained prominent in the classroom despite the many developments in technology and techniques when teaching. Today, we look at five ways to improve your board work.
  1. Use Margins: When teaching, try to use margins for your board work. For example, you can use the left-hand margin to write down the aims of your lesson, the right-hand to write down vocabulary which emerges during and the centre of the board to highlight grammar forms or brainstorm lexis.
  2. Use Black Markers: One pet hate is when teachers write down vocabulary with red or green ink. Teachers need to realise that some students have difficulty reading board work and that the use of black or even dark blue is better than a colour which causes students to strain their eyes.
  3. Get Students Up: You don't have to be the only person using the whiteboard, get students to walk up and write down vocabulary. Why not get students to nominate themselves to come up and write the next lexical item or answer?
  4. Keep It Clean: Spend at least a minute at the end of the lesson with some board cleaner and tissue to clean the whiteboard. I have spent countless hours telling teachers to keep their board clean. It doesn't take long but it does leave a lasting impression for the students if teachers keep their classroom and their whiteboard clean.
  5. Get Students To Note Down: Before wiping the board, tell students to make a note of vocabulary. It doesn't take long but it is a good habit for students to note any work in their notebooks for referring to or reviewing at a later date.
What are your best tips for using the whiteboard? Do you have any tips for other readers? What do you think is important when using the whiteboard? Don't forget to make any recommendations for a future post and make a comment below!

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