Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Day 1: Giving Instructions

Image sourced from ESL Base © 2016
Do you want to improve giving instructions to students? Ever have learners staring at you once you give instructions? Then try these tips to help when you give instructions to students:
  1. Speak clearly and slowly using very simple language.
  2. When asking questions, ask closed questions so the student can only say 'yes' or 'no'. Gives you a clear idea whether students understand or not.
    • Do you work alone?
    • Do you write your answer?
    • Do you have 10 minutes?
  3. Demonstrate if you want the students to play a game. They will learn more by observing something than being told something.
  4. Hand out the worksheet after giving instructions, not the other way round. Otherwise, students will be looking at the worksheet when you give instructions.
  5. Remember to use particular phrases followed by a gesture: "Keep your worksheet secret!" (then place the worksheet against your chest), "You have 5 minutes!" (tap your watch), etc.
If you follow these three easy tips, you will find your instructions improve and students will understand your instructions better. Come back tomorrow for some more TEFL Tips!

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