Monday, 22 August 2016

Day 6: How To Improve Games In Class

Image Sourced from the ESL Lounge: Fun Classroom Games
A regular activity in the classroom is a game to promote the use of English during a lesson. However, are there any tips for a successful game while teaching? Today we look at some tips and tricks for improving games in the English language classroom.
  1. Make It Fun: It is important that all students during the lesson have fun. This is often overlooked and some teachers focus on getting the game set up rather than the running of the task itself.
  2. Keep It Simple: When using a game in class, it is important to keep it simple. If it is too complicated, students will soon lose interest and the game will lose its momentum.
  3. Ask Students: When deciding to play a game at the end of the lesson, why not ask students what sort of game they wish to play. They will feel more satisfied at the end of the lesson if they played a game that they wanted to.
  4. Relate The Lesson: If you are teaching an area of vocabulary or a grammar point, keep the game related to this area of teaching. If the game is unrelated, some students may find that you are just playing a game for no particular reason.
  5. Share Your Games: When you are preparing a lesson, speak to another teacher and share the game that you would like to play in the class. Perhaps ask another teacher whether they know of any good games. Everyone knows 'hangman' or 'twenty questions', but there are plenty of other games which could be used by teachers just ask other teachers for some ideas!
What are your favourite games in class? Do you have any favourite last-minute activities? What would you like a future blog blog post to focus on? If you would like to contribute to the blog post, get in touch with us!

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