Friday, 19 August 2016

Day 3: How To Spice Up Listening

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Today we are looking at listening lessons. Most listening involves getting students prepared for the main task of completing comprehension questions. Here are some tips and tricks to spice up your listening lessons.
  1. Focus on language: If you have a listening, refer to the tape script for any key vocabulary or phrases used. Try to pre-teach this as it will assist during the listening and students will not be so flustered.
  2. Focus on pronunciation: When pre-teaching language for the listening, try to focus on pronunciation - whether it is word stress or tonic prominence (sentence stress). It is not just important to know what language means but how it is said in context.
  3. Lead in the listening: Before you go straight to the main listening comprehension task, get students to answer some very basic questions: 'How many people were talking?', 'Where are they talking?', 'Do they know each other or are they strangers?', etc. It will assist in context building.
  4. Delay the comprehension questions: Why give students the questions while they are listening to the task, give the questions to the students at the end of the listening and see if they can answer any of the comprehension questions without it being played. They can check and correct their answers when you replay the listening for a second time.
  5. Check the equipment: I have observed countless lessons where technology just seems to fail. Just check to make sure that the CD is working, that you have a CD player in your room and that it doesn't skip. Preparation is key!
Well I hope the tips and tricks help out for your next lesson. Always useful to try something new and spice up your lessons. Keeps the learners on their toes. What help do you want tomorrow? Let me know and we shall see what could be covered.

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