Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Day 14: Teaching Present Perfect

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So we have looked at a variety of different ideas and tips for teaching in a variety of different scenarios but I think today we shall look at the teaching of the present perfect. If this is enjoyed, we shall look at other grammar points and how to teach them. I hope that the way that you can teach this lesson will involve as little preparation and worksheets as much as possible and you would be able to amend it to suit your teaching context. This lesson is best suited for Pre-Intermediate or above.
  1. Tell students that there are things that you did before starting the lesson. They must ask you questions to prompt an answer. If students ask you a question in the past simple form, correct them and get them to ask you using the present perfect form. Do this a couple of times until students realise that the correct form is 'Have you ...?'. Answer the questions using the present perfect form.
  2. Now get students to write down everything that they can remember from your answers and they must write using the present perfect form either in the imperative or negative form and third person.
  3. Get students partnered after the task to compare what they have written and then they must finish the writing together.
  4. On the whiteboard, get students up to write down one sentence that they had written in their notebook and then get all the students to decide whether the sentence is good or could be improved.
It is a simple activity and you don't need any material to do this lesson, so why not give it a try. Don't forget to correct the question forms that students create using the present perfect form and you could give present perfect homework as a review after the lesson.

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