Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 13: The Ultimate Study Skills

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Today, we are looking at developing study skills with learners. It is often an overlooked area of English language teaching but, as educators, we need to remind students the best way to remember information from the lesson.
  • Vocabulary Notebook: Successful students are those that are able to write or note down any new vocabulary or functional language. Students then review the language in their own time. It is an invaluable skill for learners to be able to write down what emerges from the lesson. Make sure students write down language.
  • Remember This: Get students to sit down at the end of the lesson and on a blank piece of paper write down everything that they have learnt. It could be new vocabulary, a particular grammar phrase, an idiom, etc. They write it all down and then compare with a partner. This will ensure that students are able to reflect on their lesson effectively.
  • Homework Request: Tell students that you are happy to give each one a different piece of homework as long as they are interested in completing it for the next lesson. Give each student their homework based upon their request and then tell them that they must complete it and then be happy to share their homework experience with another student the next day.
  • Study Centre Day: Tell students that they are going to the study centre in their school for 20 minutes at the end of the lesson and that they must choose some work that they must do in their own time. Let them browse the study centre and become familiar with what work is available. They then must choose their own work that they are happy to do for that week. Tell them that they must return to the study centre and choose some more work to complete next week. This will get students regularly going to the study centre, choosing their own work to finish and then working autonomously.
  • Easy Listening: It is so simple to download an app so that one can listen to a local or national radio station. Tell learners to download an app such as the BBC iPlayer on their smartphone. They then must listen to the radio every time that they are walking to and from the school. It will improve their listening and they will listen to more authentic English.
There we have it! Five new tips on developing a student's self-study skills as a learner of English. It is not complicated and learners can do so much by themselves. It is just giving them the helping hand that they need initially. What are your favourite study skill activities? Do your students have a study centre which they can access at any time? Hope that you are all having a wonderful time so far!

I have nearly finished my holiday in France and will be returning back to old Blighty a bit later this week. The first holiday I have had in a long time but at least I will be able to practise a bit of the old Fran├žais!

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