Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Day 7: Using A Coursebook

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For the majority of lessons, teachers will tend to be teaching from a coursebook. It has somewhat become a necessity for teachers to learn how best to use the selected coursebook. It today's TEFL tips, we look at five tips and tricks to improve the way you use a coursebook in class.
  • Teach The Learners: When teaching from a coursebook, don't forget about the learners. Most teachers will focus on the coursebook. Try to personalise the lesson according to the learners rather than focusing on the delivery of the lesson or going through the coursebook.
  • Go With The Flow: You don't need to follow the coursebook religiously. You can delve into other areas of English as they emerge during the lesson. You could also review any emergent language in the next lesson. Enjoy the journey of teaching rather than the destination of where you would like to be at the end of the lesson.
  • Supplement The Coursebook: Most coursebooks have a wealth of suitable supplementary which can be used to help deliver a quality language or grammar point or enhance a skill in English. Use these supplementary materials and create your own material to make it original for the students.
  • Read The Teacher's Book: The Teacher's Book which accompany's any coursebook is there to help you. Read the Teacher's Book to familiarise yourself with the coursebook. It will contain some wonderful ideas for lead-in or warm up activities for the unit. If you delve in to a coursebook with no prior preparation, you will not be able to envisage how the lesson will develop or the stages required to reach the aim/objective of the lesson.
  • Worksheet Practice: One thing that I now do on a daily basis is for me to complete a student worksheet. Whether this is a vocabulary or a listening task (listen to the audio when preparing), I always try to complete the activity alone to see what students are being asked to do. I may amend the worksheet or disregard it totally but it is very important to know what the answers are for the worksheet and see if this is different to the Teacher's Book (occasionally it is). You can then keep these answers to hand when reviewing answers with the students.
What are your favourite tips for using a coursebook during a lesson? What would you recommend for newly certified teachers? As ever, don't forget to share this blog post and leave a comment below. We are always seeking contributions to the Daily TEFL and if you have any ideas for a blog post, let us know.

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