Thursday, 25 August 2016

Day 9: Using Images in the Classroom

Image from Cambridge English
As technology has developed so has the use of images, video and digital audio. Learners now have instant access to a range of media after a few quick clicks on their smartphones. Therefore, it seems fitting to look at how best to exploit this area of teaching.
  • Explain The Image: The easiest approach to using images, whether online or not, is to get students describing the image to another person who is unable to see it. The student who cannot see the image should ask various different questions to discover as much as possible. This develops question forms and descriptive language. Monitor and feedback on any language that has emerged during this activity.
  • What Is The Picture?: This activity is a classic which has been around for a long time yet is very simple. You hold a picture facing your chest and you quickly flick it over to reveal it for a few seconds. Students then have to explain what they thought that they saw. Repeat the process a number of times before revealing the picture.
  • Picture Match: If you want to pair or group learners up, then this activity is really useful. Get a number of pictures, cut them up randomly and then place them in a bag or envelope. Get students pick one part of the picture and then they have to match it with a fellow student. It is a simple yet engaging activity to put students randomly into pairs or groups.
  • Every Picture Has A Story: Select an image which could have a story related to it, for example people at a coffee shop or people queuing up at a bus stop. Then prompt learners by getting them to think about the people in the image: Who are they? What are they doing? What did they do before they were there? Then use the learners' ideas and their images to get them to create a short story. Then students share their stories.
  • What's The Connection?: Have a large selection of photos, preferably of objects and people. Get students to choose two objects and one person, then they have to create a story using all the pictures in their possession. It is a simple activity but a very useful one and you never know what story the learners will create but it is important that all objects and people are included in the story.
So there we have it for today. Some ideas you can use for your next lesson! How do you like to use images in the classroom? Do you have any favourite activities? Please don't forget to share and leave a question. See you tomorrow!

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