Friday, 26 August 2016

Day 10: Using Music In The Classroom

Yesterday, we looked at using images in the classroom and I think it is fitting that we look at how teachers can use music in the classroom effectively. Music is one source which affects people in the same way as it is the international language of emotion. Read on to find out how teachers could use music in the classroom.
  • What's The Story?: A nice activity, which I was taught about many years ago, is to have a selection of songs - preferably different styles (rock, jazz, classical, etc.). Tell the students you are going to introduce two characters and they have to think about them and their story. Use the songs to prompt learners to create a story. They make notes while listening to clips of songs (20 seconds in total per song) and then when you finish get students into small groups and then have to write their story with the characters and scenes prompted from above.
  • Background Music: When the students are on a particular activity put on a little music in the background - something which is considered easy listening such as classical or smooth jazz. It will relax learners when they are working.
  • Turn Down: When you want the attention from you students, this activity is sure to help. If you have some background music playing, slowly turn it down and look at the students. They will naturally look up once you have turned down the music and you don't even need to speak.
  • Activity Timing: It is normal to tell students that they have a certain amount of time to complete an activity but why not tell them that they only have time until the song finishes. If it is a three minute song, then students have three minutes. It is a simple task and really gets learners to working within the time constraints.
  • Lyrics Correction: The musical gapfill is a really common activity but you could change it by amending the lyrics. Tell students that you have been working on the lyrics but you think you have made a mistake. Ask them to listen to the song first without any lyrics and tell them about the musician, etc. Give them the worksheet and play the song a number of times for them to correct and then check in small groups before checking as a class. Choose a song which helps students focus on a particular grammar point.
Well I hope you are inspired to use music in the classroom next time. Good luck and don't forget to leave a comment or let us know what you want blogged about tomorrow.

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