Saturday, 3 September 2016

Day 18: Checking Understanding

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The majority of our teaching focuses on ensuring that we know learners understand what is being taught or mentioned during the lesson. There are various techniques to use to check that students understand. Today we look at some tips on checking understanding.
  1. Check: When teaching or introducing new vocabulary, it is important to check understanding of this new lexis. You can do this by getting students to match new vocabulary with their definitions. Just cut them up and you have a small ten minute activity.
  2. Question: If you give instructions, just ask closed or controlled questions to ensure that students know what is expected of them. Read more here!
  3. Opposites: If students know the word 'hot' for example, you could ask them to tell you want the opposite is. Challenge learners and if they don't know the answer, tell them and write it up on the whiteboard.
  4. Timeline: When teaching grammar to learners no matter their age, the use of timelines can really help wonders. Use them to indicate the use of grammar. It is without language and learners just need to be aware of the timeline to better understand the use of grammar in a given context.
  5. Translation: If you are teaching a monolingual class of learners, you could use translation to your advantage. You could have a selection of vocabulary and their translated equivalent. Just cut them up - similar to the first idea - and then they match both words them together.
So here are some tips on checking understanding with learners. What are your ideas? Do you have better ideas on checking understanding? Hope this helps!

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