Monday, 5 September 2016

Day 20: Further Consideration and Completing Work

Image Sourced from the National Audit Office Blog
After having a thought, I think rather than posting two to three blog posts each week, I thought I would continue to write daily posts for Daily TEFL but only include a sentence or two for readers to consider when teaching. It could be related to anything about teaching but aimed to prompt readers to reflect on these different areas.

What do you think about short posts to read each day? Do you think that I would be able to achieve a post per day for a year? Do you have any ideas or do you want to contribute to the blog? If so, get in touch and we shall see what we can do!

To start off this new format on this blog, let us look at the following.

Do you ever ask students, "Have you finished?" and there is silence? Why not walk around the classroom and monitor how they are getting on? You could also get students to finish work by the end of a song or add a visible timer so that students are aware that they need to complete work by the provided time.

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