Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Day 21: Handing Out Worksheets

Image Sourced from American Progress
It takes ages walking around the classroom and giving a worksheet or photocopy to every single student - especially if you have over 12 students. Why hand out some worksheets individually to each student?

You could get a group of students to hand out the worksheets for you, saving you a bit of time to move on with the lesson!


  1. Good advice - although I have found it takes about 6 lessons for my adult students to get the hang of it, there usually seems to be a pile up about halfway around. My class is in a horseshoe shape so what works for me is to give half to each end while I set up the audio/whiteboard etc.....

    1. I do that as well if my class is in a horseshoe. Give the worksheet to the person nearest and tell them to take one and pass the rest on. Very good and very organised.