Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Day 28: How to Teach Large Classes

Image Sourced from University of Macau
If you teach English for public schools abroad, you may find yourself being asked to teach large classes of students. This can be a challenge in itself as you may find classroom management a larger issue compared to smaller classes. Here are a few ideas to help out with large classes.
  • Nominate Class Roles: Ask students to help out and act as a supervisor with other students. They will feel more responsible and willing to assist the teacher. Share the roles or pull names out of a hat to select who will be class supervisor(s).
  • Create Islands: Before starting the class, why not create islands of tables so that you can wonder round and see how groups of learners are getting on. This will make it easier to control and you could nominate a table supervisor as well. If you have thirty students, then divide the class up into six, so you will have five islands of tables. This can be useful if you have a large classroom and is best suited for primary or younger aged learners.
  • My Assistant: You could ask parents to help out with the class and dealing with management issues. Sometimes, if you get some voluntary help by parents or others wishing to become a teacher, you will be able to guide their energy into helping you deal with classroom issues.
I hope these tips help when you deal with large classes. Don't forget to ask for any help and if you want something blogged about tomorrow, then let me know! I shall respond!

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