Thursday, 15 September 2016

Day 30: Another Achievement

So today we have reached another milestone: the Daily TEFL Tips & Tricks is now 30 days old. It is amazing to think that in those 30 days, we have now had almost 5,000 visitors. I would like to thank everyone for heading on over and visiting my blog. I have not yet had much uptake from other teachers or educators on posting a daily blog post but I would like to see some other people decide on posting something they have some interest of: music, art, video, etc. You don't have to write a blog post everyday for a year, why not just do a blog post everyday for 30 days? Please share your blog and let me know about it!

I would like to share another tip for teaching. Don't worry if things don't work well in class. The most important thing to do is to review and try something slightly different and check if it works well next time. If you reflect and change, your teaching will improve.

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