Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Day 35: Getting Online Students

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If you are an English language teacher based in the UK, you may have experience of teaching face-to-face. In my previous daily post, I looked at teaching online but today I will look at how you can get new students to develop your online teaching business.

The first thing you have to do is create a blog or website yourself. This is not difficult. You can create a free blog either here on Blogger or on Wordpress. One way to encourage students to engage with your blog is to offer free daily English posts focused for language learners - such as daily language lessons. Think what learners may want to learn from a short two minute read and then you can create a short blog post. Offer students the opportunity, once you have established a number of high quality blog posts, to register and sign up for online language lessons. You may find that the initial process of getting students to sign up for lessons could be quite slow, don't give up. You will start to be recommended by your students and will get more exposure. Finally, ask students for feedback and request whether you could include their feedback on your blog/website. These will act as customer recommendations for other potential students.

So I hope that helps and gives you a strategy at pursuing an online English teaching career.

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