Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 36: Ultimate Guide to Drawing on the Whiteboard

Image Sourced from Learn to Draw Animals
I am by no means artistic or be able to draw confidently but this doesn't mean that I won't give it a try. Some teachers can be a little self-conscious about their ability to draw but this shouldn't stop you. I always try to draw and if it isn't working, I rub it out and make a bit of joke of it with my students. They will laugh at my attempts but then they discover that they too can attempt to draw in class and it will not make any difference should they find their horse with a neck which is a bit long - making it look like a giraffe - or trying to draw a rabbit which looks more like a cat.

So next time you are thinking about trying to draw an object or a person, don't hesitate! You too can draw. I hope the video below can help as well.

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