Sunday, 25 September 2016

Day 40: Bring in an Object

Use objects to encourage speaking! Any ideas why I use clothes pegs? Read on to find out!
If you are anything like me, I really want to try and encourage my learners to communicate as naturally as possible. One way I try to encourage discussion is by bringing in an obscure object to class and getting learners to think why this object is important for me. For example, one day I brought in a clothes peg. 

The first question they asked was what was the name of the object in English. The next thing they tried to answer was why it was important for me. Any guesses? Well, the reason it is important for me is that I use it to clamp on sheets of music to the music stand so it doesn't fall down mid-way through playing.

After bringing in an important yet obscure object, I encourage learners to bring in something the next day so that we are able to talk about it. You will be amazed at the language which emerges from such a simple but effective activity. Try it out!

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