Thursday, 1 September 2016

Day 16: Teaching One to One

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Some teachers might be asked to teach privately and the majority of these private lessons will be in a one-to-one environment. Today, we look at some ideas at how best to teach in a one-to-one setting.
  1. Knowing Me - Knowing You: It is probably one of the most important areas of teaching one-to-one than with a group of learners. You really need to get to know the student you are teaching. Also share yourself as a person. They will be happier to and more encouraged to participate.
  2. Roles: You don't need to be a teacher and they don't need to be the student in the traditional sense. Try to be the student's friend and support them during the lesson. Feel free to be more relaxed as a one-to-one teacher otherwise they will end up sourcing a different teacher.
  3. Environment: Choose a location which is relaxed and quiet for lessons. It really doesn't help if you decide to teach in a noisy coffee shop. Walk around the local area for a short while, selecting the most ideal environment which is quiet, relaxed and appropriate for both teacher and student.
  4. Provide Homework: Give the student homework to work on after lessons to supplement what was covered. I used to focus on conversation and communication during the lessons and then set writing or a grammar review as part of the homework.
  5. Review: Try to sit down with the student each month to assess what progress the learner has made. Ask what they have enjoyed throughout the month and also ask the learner to share any activities that they have found less enjoyable. Armed with this information, you will be able to deliver high-quality lessons suitable for the student.
So there we are, five ideas for teaching one-on-one. Try to get back to basics. What are your recommendations? Do you have any experience of teaching in a one-to-one setting?

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