Sunday, 2 October 2016

Day 47: Authentic Listening

How can we get our learners tuned into English?
I love to try and get some authentic listening into my lessons with my learners. However, it can be really tough trying to find something which would engage them. Nevertheless, I missed a phone call the other day and after I listened to the message, it got me thinking about how we could use voice messages in class. And here's what I decided.

  • There is usually a short introduction; "Hey Rob. It's Steve!"
  • After the introduction, some people explain why they are calling; "I'm calling about ..."
  • Usually, there is follow-up action required; "Give me a ring when you can to ...!"
  • Voice messages would be no more than a minute and half.
This also got me thinking about how we could use messages to encourage for detailed listening. Get some questions written up on the board such as: "What is the name of the person calling?", "Why are they calling?", "What should I do next after the message?". After some brief questions and playing the voice message a few times, you could then encourage learners to share their thoughts before bringing it back eliciting from the whole class.

After this activity, you could get learners to share their messages (if they are in English) and then organise a role-play. Anyhow, it is a different way to get authentic listening into your lessons! Have a go!

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