Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Music and Language Learning

Over the past few months, I have returned to my previous passion from my younger years - music. I have now dedicated numerous hours relearning and practising my scales, going out and playing music with other musicians as well as listening to a lot more music. This got me thinking about how similar language learning and music are.

In some sense, learners of music - particularly jazz - develop a range of bite size chunks of riffs and scales to employ during a solo and improvisation. Meanwhile, for language learners, we encourage learners to acquire and use a selection of language chunks. The more you practice with your second language or music, the better you get at it. 

I suppose that we should encourage learners to enjoy their language learning experience and get out of the classroom more and use what they use what they have learnt. In the same way any jazz musician learns, the best way is just to play and enjoy what you are doing. When things go right, with both language acquisition and jazz improvisations, the greater you feel with a sense of achievement and it encourages you to develop and improve.

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